Deaths Afton meaning opposing verse of death by the Steven Kings movie the mist and also adding in a scary terrifying myth of santa and so deaths afton shows a human protector that's humanoid form and a terrific creature called the Buda Buda a humanoid dark grey/ black with bazillion of millions of sharp teeth and is a head of a dog more realistic description in last paragraph

Mythology and reality the following are encounter with BBEdit


Name| umm BB 

Why are you here?

I like to report a real sighting of said deadly mist and also it's Christmas eve of course but.... I'm filling missing people complaints.

How many?

A thousand....

It's not the mist is it?

No much worse than the mist it's a creature called the imple wall aka imple walker said creature can be heard from north to south pole.... it's been in the icebergs and I'm not sure about that one carol it keeps singing to me.

? Carol? Like a Christmas Carol?

Yes you know..... you better watch out.... you better not cry.... you better not pout I'm telling you why..... the campus is coming to town..... why? How? I'm not sure... WAIT WHAT? YOUR WANTING ME TO GO AND KILL THOSE CREATURES? FINE I'LL HAVE TO BRING IT WITH ME.... IT? WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT PENNYWISE YOU IDIOT.

Bio of these said creatures except ITEdit

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Imple wall/ Imple walker, tall as said icebergs with giant sharp teeth and black irises and red pupils is iceberg blue and ice green sheds of blood strip through the teeth as it feeds or kills expected to be blood or .... organs ..... but is as wide as said iceberg. BB, humanoid creature with black rough fur or hair, white glowing eyes whith strict mercy in them but terrific consequences or effects if stared strait into said eyes, sharp thin teeth that there are gazillions of these said teeth has dog like head and ears, has long slender smooth but slick tail with blade like movement, has sharp deadly claws said to be fingers and toes, is deadliest and horrifying creature that is said to tear fears and the feared apart in one movement and is said to eat soulless beings and things is human protector for what has been done to HER and is pennywise first and most fearfully death wish that could come to. Mist creatures, docile creatures: said mist and tallest creature or biggest in movie which is the behemoth a gigantic size creature with six legs and is grey and dark brown has tentacles or hair like tentacles and has hostile creatures around it ..... it's crap would probably be even bigger than itself.... ahem going back on bio the hostile creatures are: tendae fleshy pink and slaty grey with mouths on under side instead of suckers with linen of dark blackish grey quills on edges near mouths, then there are the gray widower which are blind arachid and large with acidic silk or webbing, then there are the arachni-lobsters six legged arachid slumped over with a mouth with sharp teeth and has lobster or crab claws has fleshy pigments, then the scorpion-flies which are nocturnal.... scorpion/ arachid saying they have stingers/ venomous and or paralysis venom and have wings like flys and are grey or torch/ flame color, then there are the pterobuzzard witch are pterodactyl with for wings saying it's winged and had hooked beaks, then there are finally the larger gray widower

Made by Shea Thompson age 12