Eyeless jack is a weird guy, he likes eating the organs that make pee, which is pretty strange.

Origin Edit

Eyeless Jack used to be an "innocent" boy who attended school and got close to straight-As. He ran into a crazy bitch who worshiped satan's asscrack, who forced him into becoming a sacrifice for the ritual. he got mad cuz he couldn't see no more and somehow without being able to see killed cult members with his bare hands and was able to dig through enough flesh to find the kidneys, again, no reason how he did this, or really why he did it in the first place, he ate the kidneys (idk maybe he likes kidney beans?)

he had taken a liking to eating organs, and kills victims for these organs. his favourite are kidneys, yea thats right this sick fuck is a cannibal who kills for raw organs, i hope he realises eating raw human organs ain't that healthy, so he is gonna die.

In another instance, Eyeless Jack threatened a man by appearing in front of himself in a "dream" and cutting his face and stealing one of his kidneys. he chased the man away and kills his brother, of course, how did he chase someone if hes blind? and how did the man run away with a severe open wound on his face and a gaping hole in his side and missing a kidney, you know what? this whole story is utter bullshit but anyway...

Apearance Edit

he is normally associated with wearing a black hoodie. His most notable facial appearance is his two, empty, black eye-sockets, where his eyes were torn out from in the ritual, even doe he can still see OMG HOW THE FUCK, oh yea, he also dont have a nose or mouth, so he cant even smell, and wait a second how the fuck can he eat organs with no mouth!?!