Character information
Kind Human
Gender Male
Attributes Broken jaw; illiterate; hacking skills; persistant; irritating; repetetive
Fate Passes on his 'affliction' to Charles Watts
Victims Charles Watts (alive)
Appearance information
Appears in Funnymouth
Created by SlimeBeast
I see your handsome face. Don't be sad about it. It's okay, even.

– Three of Funnymouth's catchphrases (translated into readable English).

Funnymouth is a man who aggravates people, or at least one (Charles Watts) online, and then comes for them at night, breaking their jaw. The victim then becomes like him, and apparently does the same thing(s)- aggravates someone onlines, and then breaks their jaw, turning them into a Funnymouth.




Funnymouth has a severely broken jaw, with teeth hanging by only a few gums. He also has what is described as a 'messed up tongue'.

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