Liverocal lävanes is it's own creature she is a roblox user named hadephobia meaning fear of... h e double hockey stick... her sister is latrophobiac another user witch means fear of doctors... hadephobia is abnormal like her sister since she has a spiral on her torso and when ever she is frighten regularly it spins and can get faster.... but her fears are both of heaven and HELL basically both her and her sister have the fear of death mostly hadephobia has it... when her fears start reacting... her spiral spins backwards and that's when it's very deadly do not think this is a mere harmless spinning motion.... her name by my dictionary of language means, and it's very long, " spiral of certain death of a mere grip" to pronounce it more understandable it basically means when the spiral spins backwards the first one to see it has to grip on for dear life....

The regular spinningEdit

The regular spinning motion is harmless but too much of it can cause hypnosis, nausea, fevers and even some cases to lead to a very rare plague, the plague is called tempavan ïvica witch means " the blind plague or the white plague" but it's to rare that it's only happened once, to an unfortunate demon but they were a mere demon " priest" so very rare

The backwards spinning

This spinning happens when she is very terrified or even VERY MADLY ANGRY AND OR INSANE when the backwards spinning happens the first person to see it has a death very very gorey and bloody and even violent, what happens is first the person has a weak affect at first then the person gets very warm and starts to heat up, then there chest, stomach, lower half, or there upper half aches, then they have heart pains, then they have a heart failure and or heart attack, next is either there lower half or top half heats up very very hot, then blisters form, next they begin to sparkle or shake, then there skin starts bubbling on the half that is affected, then finally the half affected explodes very largely, then the gorey violent bloody part is that when they explode the other half stays so either the guts or stomach stuck out... the name fully of the said user is hadephobia_cult sincerely- bb/ DeathsAfton